16 weeks

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Some (but not all) of my favorite children's books from my library.

I started building my library about four years ago when I decided to teach in Taipei. I was afraid that they wouldn't have some of my favorite books, so I started hunting for bargain books at thrift stores like a crazy person. Turns out, the schools I taught at had all the books I needed, and I ended up hauling my collection back to the states. After starting at my current school, I didn't think to add to my personal library since we pretty much had ALL the books in class...and then some. 

During the last week of school this past June, I found out I was four weeks pregnant. We just happened to be cleaning out our classroom library and getting rid of a ton of books, so I decided to add to my collection once again and now it is HUGE! The baby doesn't have a nursery yet, but he or she will have a bunch of books, which I am so excited about! 

I'm really looking forward to reading our baby the books that I enjoyed as a child, along with the books that I've read to my students, and can't wait to get a nice bookshelf for his or her little library. 

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