1 year, 5 months, and 2 weeks old

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Good news: I'm done with my four classes that I've been taking this summer! What does that mean? That once I get my official transcripts, I can apply for my Early Childhood Education Director's Permit! Then, I'll be on my way to planning and starting up a preschool. I'm super excited! This is also the reason why I've been silent over here for a whole month. I just couldn't do it all AND spend quality time with Mars. 

Here are a few updates:
- Mars has been LOVING trains lately. We bought him a little wooden train and tracks set, and he can just play with it all day. His favorite trains are the battery operated Thomas train and the Brio action train (33319). He wears his little Thomas fleece sweater and points to Thomas' face and then points at his Thomas train chugging on the tracks. His favorite book has also been, "The Little Engine That Could". 

- Despite my attempts at NEVER using the word, "no" with him (we usually just rephrase in the positive), Mars has somehow learned, "nono" and uses that with us, while shaking his head, whenever he doesn't want to do something.

- Mars has been trying to say more words lately! He can say, "ball", while making his mouth into a long O to achieve that "-ll" sound. He's also been saying, "ub-ub-ub", which may or may not mean "help"? Or "up"? 

- Food is not his favorite. It's driving us a bit mad but we are trying to be as positive as we can. He barely eats his breakfasts and lunches, and would much rather nurse or eat snacks. We are working on this...

- We got membership at the Bay Area Discovery Museum and we love it! I am obsessed with that place! It's super toddler-friendly and most activities are nature-based. 

- Yesterday, we visited Children's Fairyland in Oakland! It was amazing! It opened in 1950 so everything looks like a midcentury fairytale wonderland. I took some photos on film and hope to share them soon. 

- Mars' first molars popped out! Right now, he has his top middle 4, then the top first molars on each side, then on the bottom, he has 3 in the middle (teehee) and the first molars on both sides. 

- He loves cars, airplanes, and birds and will point at them every time we go out. He knows the sign for bird and will do it every time he hears birds (indoors and outdoors). It's pretty funny.

Right now, Mars is walking around the living room and stamping his feet quickly because he is happy  to be eating his non-chocolate-covered Pocky sticks (I think they're just called Pretz?"). To accompany his little dance, he is also doing the sign for "cracker". It's so crazy how fast this guy is growing. I was just looking at pictures of him when he was a blobby little infant, unable to sit up on his own, and with a crazy haircut that I gave him due to my lack of hair-cutting experience. And now, he's already a little toddler, running around and trying to pull me over to the window because an airplane just flew by. 
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