Travel: Palm Springs, 13 weeks, 1 day

Monday, August 05, 2013

This past weekend, some good friends and I took a much needed girls trip to Palm Springs. I'd been looking forward to this trip for so long because Palm Springs is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the hot hot weather and the super-nice people, but most of all, I love that they've maintained, and continue to embrace, the midcentury modern aesthetic! My favorite! 

We took a self-guided architectural tour of some of the most famous midcentury modern buildings in the city. Here we are in front of one of the many Alexanders in the Twin Palms Estates.

Elvis' honeymoon hideaway: looks like a space ship.

This is my favorite building in the city. It used to be a gas station in 1965 but is now the visitor's center. It greets you as you drive into Palm Springs on the 111, and is not surrounded by much except for the beautiful desert landscape.

This is the amazing frontal view of the same building.

Tiff in front of a Wexler Steel House.

Here is the city hall building built in 1952.

Aside from our tour, we mostly just relaxed around the hotel, eating snacks and taking naps.

This is the diner in front of the Ace Hotel. So cute.

And finally, our last stop before heading home: my favorite road-side attraction, ever, dinosaurs!

If you find yourself in Palm Springs and would like to go on the tour, you can find it here. Enjoy!

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