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Sunday, August 18, 2013

DIY muslin swaddles, three ways.

The internet taught me that muslin swaddle blankets are not made of muslin, but of gauze. I bought two and a half yards at Joann's, one white, one cream, then customized them three ways.

1. Cut, hemmed, and dyed.

After cutting and hemming the edges of the first one, I soaked it in a dye-bath for thirty minutes. I didn't use as much as the bottle called for so that I could get a lighter shade of green.

2. Cut, hemmed, and stamped.

For this one, I hand-carved a stamp...

...then, stamped the blanket with fabric paint using the bathroom tile as a guide.

3. Just plain cut and hemmed.

This one is just plain white. I want to stamp it but can't decide on what stamp to make next. Also, this was my least favorite part of the project. I think I pinned and hemmed around forty-five feet of fabric total. I'm kind of glad this is over!

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  1. Wow... They are so cute! But look intense to make. I suck at crafts


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