Finding More Uses for Old Clothes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

After cleaning out my closet, I have two giant trash bags full of clothes that I don't wear anymore. I haven't had a chance to donate them, but I think that's a good thing. Last time, I dug through the bags and took out all the sweaters so that I can repurpose them into knit pants and a hat for the baby. This time, I dug through the bags once again for drawstrings and waist ties so that  I could make a sensory box for Mars. 

It doesn't look pretty or anything like a toy, but I think that's why Mars likes it so much! We've found that he is most interested in things that are not toys, so this turned out perfectly!

To make this box, you need
ribbons or drawstrings
a cardboard box small enough for baby to hold
old t-shirts
something to put inside so the box doubles as a rattle (I used crafting jingle bells)
and packing tape.

1. Cut off all the drawstrings on pajama bottoms, hooded sweatshirts, and dresses. You can use a few ribbons that you have around the house as well. 
2. Poke a small cardboard box with a sharp pencil (double times the amount of ribbons you have).
3. String the ribbons through one hole, tie a large knot, then string it through a second hole so that they all come back out of the box.
4. Stuffed the box with some old t-shirts and bells.
5. Seal it back up with packing tape.


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