Fall and Winter Sensory Bags

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Remember when I went crazy at the dollar store? Well, I didn't stop at the sensory bottle rainbow. I also made themed sensory bags! 

For a sensory bag, you need
flat, non-pointy objects to put in the bag
hair gel
2 freezer bags
and duct tape.

1. Put all your objects in a freezer bag.
2. Pour in some gel (the amount of gel depends on how squishy vs. how jelly you want your bag).
3. Pour in some water to dilute the gel (this is good if you don't want to use all your gel on one bag).
4. Seal the bage while squeezing out as much air as possible.
5. Squish everything up!
6. Tape all edges with duct tape.
6. Double bag it and tape all edges again.

And here is my Halloween themed one with pumpkin confetti and googly eyes. 

Have fun!

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