In My Bag: Going For A Walk to the Store

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're lucky to live within walking distance to a shopping plaza so it's nice to just walk over whenever we need something or if we ever feel like just shopping around. When we go on one of these walks, I usually wear baby in the Ergo and have a small clutch with just the essential mommy items. I make it a point to change baby before we leave, that way, I don't need to carry diapers or clothes with me. This is one of the lighter ways I pack when going out with baby.

1 toy: teether
items for mama: sunglasses / daily planner / lip balm / phone + sanrio phone case / reusable bag / hand sanitizer


  1. My wife and I also live close to a shopping center, unfortunately, its not a good one. I wish target was closer, its one of my favorite stores.


    1. Aww, but sometimes it's just nice to go for a walk too :) I love Target too! I feel like I could spend all day there if the baby would let me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lauren! It was so ridiculously big at first, but it really started growing on me!


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