9 months old

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mars is 9 months old!

His newest thing is trying to feed me his food (he's trying to feed me carrots in the top picture). He's also getting a little better at cruising on the coffee table, couch, or tv unit. He does't fall and bump his chin anymore so that's good. Sleep is also getting a lot better now that we're feeding him a big meal of solids before bedtime. He's been waking up just once to feed now! 

Also, I had been working on making a baby photo book for Mars' first 4 months and I am FINALLY finished! There were so many pictures to sort through, in the end, I just packed them all into 49 pages and clicked "order". Now to make a book for months 5 through 9! I feel like we take so many photos and they just live on the computer. While I enjoy having photo documentation of every little detail, I miss the days of developing a roll of film and having photos to put in an album. I feel like that's so much easier than sifting through all the photos to put in a digital photo book for printing. One of these days, I think I'll load up my analog camera with film and start taking film photos again. 

This weekend and next weekend, we have plans for two different Friendsgivings. I'm excited to try out some new recipes since they're both potlucks!


  1. So cute! My little one was doing similar things when he was 9 months. I also do a photo albums dedicated to him. He loves looking at them now that he is two and understands it's him and me! Your little one will love and appreciate it too!
    The Doctor Diva

    1. Thanks, Carly! That's so cute that your son loves looking at his old baby pictures! I hope my baby will enjoy his just as much!

  2. Your son is such a cutie! Love his little bath hair :) Great blog!

    xoxo Mel

    1. Thank you, Mel! His bath hair is really something! :)


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