19 weeks, 6 days

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So not only did we find out that baby is a boy on Wednesday, but right afterwards, we went to Lakeside to meet with our real estate agent, and wrote an offer on this super-cute house that we fell in love with in Daly City.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to In N Out, and did a sneaky drive-by to check out the house one more time. The neighborhood was so calm and quiet. It was dark out, but people were walking their dogs, going on jogs, etc. It felt so nostalgic, like The Adventures of Pete and Pete mixed with my own childhood memories of growing up in a suburban tract house neighborhood. It reminded me of Autumn, Halloween, and the holidays.

The offer was due Friday morning, and by the afternoon, we found out that they had accepted! J met me in Union Square and told me the good news. We were jumping up and down and super excited! People on the street were yelling at us, but we had no idea what they were saying. We didn't care!

We had been house hunting all summer long and felt pretty discouraged by the end. Everything in the city was outrageously over-priced and buyers were over-bidding on their offers. We took a break for a while, but then came across this house on Redfin and decided to check it out. When we went to the open house, it felt completely different from the other 50+ houses and condos we had seen. We fell IN LOVE with this one and it felt so perfect! We feel so lucky that it'll be ours very soon!

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