17 weeks, 3 days

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A smaller, 13-week belly.

Aside from being super hormonal and emotional, my pregnancy symptoms seem to be fading away. I was kind of freaking out for the past few days because I kept thinking, "What if I'm not pregnant?", because honestly, I just didn't feel pregnant anymore!

But then, after thinking about this for a good two minutes, I realized that I'm just being silly, because:

1. I am still peeing, like, all the time.

2. My back hurts every morning.

3. I am always hungry.

4. I'm having crazy dreams.

5. My belly is growing.

6. Not being nauseous anymore should be a GOOD thing.

and 7. I love 7. We heard baby's heartbeat again today and it was still the best sound ever. 

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