2 hours old

Monday, May 12, 2014

In two days, Mars will be three months old. As far as I'm concerned, time stood still when we had him and it's still February... at least that's what it feels like! Where did the time go? Is it already May? 

After three months of blog-vacation, I think I'm ready to come out of hiding and start sifting through the thousands of photos we've taken. I want to try to document the timeline of his early years as much as I can... I guess it just depends on how often he allows me to actually get on the computer to get something done! (FYI, it's taken almost three hours to write this much)...

Here he is, just 2 hours old on the day of his birth on Friday, February 14th, 2014:

Labor was amazing even if he was breech! Everything went smoothly, and in this picture you can see that he came out with really long fingernails! What you can't see is that he also came out with a full head of hair!

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