7 months and 5 days old

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mars is 7 months and 5 days old.

In the past few weeks, we've managed to change his bedtime from 10pm to 8pm. Our goal is to have a little bit of baby-free time before we go to bed, so we've implemented a nighttime routine that we do everyday. At around 7:45pm, we go up to his room, lie down and read three books. Afterwards, we let him play with his favorite toy, the Twilight Turtle. Seriously, he loves that thing! We've never seen him more interested in any other toy! After about five to ten minutes of quiet time with the turtle, we walk over to our bedroom and I nurse him to sleep. Sometimes, he wakes up when I try to put him down, or he'll wake up shortly after I put him down, but we're still working on that. Overall, it seems to be working really well.

This weekend, we plan to go hiking in the Presidio. Hopefully, the sky will be clear so we can get some good views of the Golden Gate Bridge! 

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