7 months and 1 day old

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mars is 7 months and 1 day old.

On Friday, he had his first fever of 101.6. He was grumpy all day (as you can tell in the photo above)  but finally, after his first stretch of nighttime sleep, he went back to his usual smiling self. 

Lately, he has been getting really close to his papa. He has the biggest smile on his face whenever J comes home from work. He also gets distracted by J when we're nursing so I have to ask him to leave the room, but when he's gone, baby will look around for him. Once, he even said, "dada" while looking for him, but that's probably just a happy coincidence. They are best buddies and it makes me so happy to see their relationship grow and to watch them play.


  1. aww he's so cute, sorry to hear that he had such a high fever, it's always tough when babies get sick. his relationship with his dad sounds so sweet :)

  2. Thanks Emmett Katherine! I'm just glad he recovered quickly :)


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