34 weeks

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

On Christmas Eve, we hosted a very last minute dinner for J's family. Our sister-in-law's family from Denmark joined us, as well as the newest addition to the family, 11-day-old Lily! She was born on December 13th, and she is just the most precious thing ever. We are all so in love with her already!

As for table decor, I pretty much just reused the things we made for the baby shower. 

I also made this flourless cholocate cake in a cast iron pan. It turned out pretty well! Chewy on top, but moist and cakey on the inside.

And of course, dinner was served in green spring blossom Pyrex.

As for Christmas Day, we pretty much just hung around the house and tried to get house-things done. Nothing was open, of course, so J was getting antsy and kept saying, "Christmas is boring!" haha.

So we took a walk and found a historic site very close to our new house. It is the site of the last known duel in American history: the Broderick Terry Duel. It was ok.

And here I am, looking pregnant and tired.


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