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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013

Looking around here tonight, you wouldn't even be able to tell that it's New Year's Eve. We're keeping it casual and low-key. J is watching The Hobbit and I'm browsing the internet. I'm glad we both think that staying out past midnight sounds really unappealing right now.

Instead, I'd like to recap the wonderful year we've had. 2013 has been so, so good to us! Here are some highlights via iPhone photos.

One year ago today, we went out to a fancy dinner with friends and counted down to 2013 at the Palace Hotel for some crappy, but expensive, NYE party:

In February, we got married!

In March, we went on a wine tasting tour, got really drunk, and broke things at the Ferry Building:

In April, and pretty much all before I got pregnant, we ate tons of delicious oysters and seafood. I would stay home from work and Tiff and I would go to Swan Oyster Depot for white wine, bloody beers, and oysters:

In May, J and I had a nice evening in. We ordered Thai take-out, opened up a bottle of white wine, and watched Place Beyond the Pines...

a month later, we found out that we also made a baby that night!

All throughout the summer, we went to a total of four weddings. This is us at the first one. I remember feeling very nauseous here: 

In July, J and I canceled our honeymoon and had many mini moons instead. We took road trips and saw old buildings and roadside attractions, one of my favorite pastimes:

In August, I visited family in Southern California, and took a small vacation in Palm Springs with my favorite girlfriends:

In September, we found that that we're having a baby boy!

In October, we bought our dream house! Here is J right before we got the call about them accepting our offer:

In November, we moved into our dream house and took many trips to Home Depot, Ikea, and many other furniture stores. In just a few weeks, we made our house into a home:

And right now, on the last night of December, after looking through old photos and writing this post, we are sitting next to each other on our laptops and laughing at funny gifs on Reddit. The one that had us laughing hysterically was this guitar one.

Goodbye 2013! Thanks for being so good to us, and making us feel like the luckiest people alive!

Cheers (or dry cheers) to the new year!

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