34 weeks, 1 day

Monday, December 30, 2013

Recent news

1. I'm finally on winter break, which means I've pretty much started my maternity leave, which means I'm not going to be working for a verrryyyyy long time! Yay! I think I got lucky with the timing cause my leave begins in January, and goes until mid-June. Then we have summer break, and I don't have to be back at work until August...if I decide to return to work.

2. My sister and niece were visiting for the weekend! It's always so much fun having them around.

3. Like I mentioned in the previous post, my brother and sister-in-law had their baby earlier this month. Welcome to the world, Baby Lily!

4. My hands and feet are getting really swollen and I did not take my wedding rings off in time. I really didn't want to get them cut off so we tried every trick in the book... Soap and water did not help, Windex just made my fingers sticky, and "the dental floss trick" left my finger even more swollen and very irritated. Finally, I rubbed Preparation H on my ring finger and left it on for 30 minutes. It still looked really swollen, but I thought I'd try twisting it off anyway... Lo and behold! It worked! It kind of hurt, but miraculously, it twisted off! I was very proud of myself.

5. I should've followed my gut instinct and not tell the in-laws our baby's name until after he was born. However, we thought it'd be nice to just let them know. Turns out, they hate it and want us to change it. Their arguments are 1. "He'll get made fun of" and 2. "The meaning is too negative". My arguments are 1. I am a school teacher and kids just don't make fun of names anymore if they have the right upbringing and teaching, plus there is a whole new generation of crazy names out there that nobody even knows what to make fun of anymore. 2. Do you really think we'd pick a name without considering the meaning? We have done thorough research and know exactly what the name means, and guess what? We are ok with it. Plus, their idea of what the name means is not even true. I have no idea where they're getting their information from. This is a major source of stress for me, and I'm having trouble sleeping because of it. I hate having so much negativity while pregnant. Why can't they just be respectful? We've already named our baby and it's not their choice! So rude.

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