10 months and 5 days old

Friday, December 19, 2014

He was way more into crawling than taking pictures today... Also, his little scab on his nose is from falling off the bed the other night. It was very scary and still very sad to think about :(

Mars is 10 months and 5 days old.

It's amazing how much Mars grew physically from 0-6 months. He looks completely different and got so big so fast. After 6 months, he kind of slowed down, but mentally, he is still going. For the past couple of weeks, we've been playing this game where I say, "Shakey, shakey!", and he'll shake his head left and right. It's so cute! But sometimes he did it, and sometimes not. However this week, it's different because I'll say it, and he'll sorta smile and then do it every time. Like he knows and understands now and it's incredible!

I've been exposing him to a lot of baby sign language but kind of gave up because I didn't think he was picking it up, but today, on our way home from getting his booster shot, I strapped him into the carseat and said, "Ok! We're all done!", and he just shook his hands in the air for the "all done" sign. His facial expression looked like he was asking me if that's what I meant. It's so crazy! He's not a little baby anymore! He is learning and growing everyday and soon he'll be one! 

After scheduling his 12 month appointment with the receptionist today, she said that by then, he'll be running into the office. Can we just slow down for a moment here? How is time going by so fast!?

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