39 weeks, 2 days

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Five more days until our estimated due date!

These past couple of weeks have been slow and filled with ups and downs. I keep going back and forth between being ok with having a natural breech birth and freaking out about whether or not he'll come before they want to schedule a c-section. Feeling ok, freaking out, feeling ok, freaking out. And by the end, I just wish for him to turn so that all of this can be avoided. 

More things I'm doing to help turn the baby:
1. Listening to a "how to turn a breech baby" hypnosis track daily.
2. Going to a chiropractor for the Webster method.
3. Going to a different (and more intense) acupuncturist for more moxa treatments.
4. Sitting in more upside-down positions while watching TV.
5. Acupressure on certain points.

Some things I'm doing to help induce labor so that if he doesn't turn, he will at least come in time to avoid a c-section:
1. Eating supposed labor-inducing foods: lots of hot sauce, eggplant, pineapples...
2. Drinking raspberry leaf tea.
3. Bouncing on a yoga ball.
4. Taking evening primrose.
5. And I think my acupuncturist is doing stuff to help induce, but the language barrier makes me not so sure...

I feel kind of bad because I just don't think the baby is ready to come out :( and I don't really want to induce if he's not ready, but I also don't want a c-section. See what I mean about the ups and downs? 

In terms of how I'm feeling, everything feels great! I still have a lot of energy and I don't feel much discomfort. Everyone asks me if I'm "ready". Strangers at the check-out line ask if I'm "ready". I think I am! Look, our bags are packed!

 And the nursery is half decorated...half because I just got kind of lazy and the baby won't be sleeping there for a while anyway...

Clothes are washed, diapers are ready: 

And here I am with my 39 week belly:

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