8 weeks, 3 days

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Three days before our honeymoon in Bangkok and Tokyo, we decided to cancel and stay home. The stress of being on a long airplane ride plus the inability to drink or eat freely didn't sound like that much fun anymore. 

Instead, we are going on local minimoons, which I am really excited about! Prior to booking our overseas vacation, I secretly just wanted to visit quirky US cities anyway, so this is perfect. 

This past weekend, we spent one night in San Jose, a quick one-hour drive away from San Francisco, and we had so much fun!

Our first stop, the Hakone estate and gardens.

Afterwards, finding the muffler man and other roadside attractions (my favorite thing to do!), plus a yummy lunch that I forgot to take pictures of.

Later that night, Monsters U at a drive-in theatre.

And, oh my goodness, being pregnant is awesome cause J let us have MCDONALDS as a midnight snack! MCDONALDS!!!

The next day, we headed over to the San Jose Flea Market, where we had amazing Mexican food and snacks. This chili-lemon mango included.

And our second-to-last stop, the Winchester Mystery House, which wasn't as mysterious as I hoped it would be. 

For the rest of our stay-cation, we're planning to relax, look at some more open houses, and take more day trips.

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