Taiwan Day 7: 大安區 & 東區 & Dinner with Friends

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Day 7

The next day was my sister and Arden's last morning in Taipei so we went over to my dad's house with them so that he could drive them to the airport. Afterwards, it was just me, J, and Mars, which was a nice change of pace because we got to just wander around with no concrete plans. 

They have these single serve double shots at 7-11 now, which I found amusing. This one is a B52 which is Kahlua and Irish cream:

Yam flavored Koala Yummies!

And my childhood favorite:

Then, we took the MRT over to my old apartment and felt all kinds of nostalgia:

My old door!

I used to live here!!

Then, we had another snack at Family Mart and walked down 敦化南路 (DunHua Street) to Muji, then Paul's for a light lunch:

These are my favorite Belgian waffles (yes, I like them more than the ones in Brussels). I still think about them to this day.

Finally, we made it to Eslite, which is a giant bookstore that's open 24 hours. This is where J and I went on our third night of meeting, where we browsed and chatted until 4am. We also walked past this place, so we just had to take a picture (hint: it's where it all began!)

Here, we have e181 in the background (a bar we used to frequent when J would visit me):

Then, I got my hair washed and we bought a selfie stick.

Ok, so another reason why I LOVE Taipei is because it is EXTREMELY breastfeeding and mommy friendly. Every MRT station has a breastfeeding room, and if they don't, they'll let you use the employee break room. So here we are taking a much needed break before we head out to 永康街 (YongKang Street) for dinner.

And... this is how I drink my Yakult...

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