35 weeks, 5 days

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I don't feel big, but when I see myself in pictures, I realize that I have a giant pregnant belly! In restaurants, I still try to squeeze in-between chairs, but then realize that I don't fit and do the awkward, "oops! excuse me, excuse me" thing. 

I still wear non-maternity dresses because they fit, but then I'll look in the mirror and realize that the belly is lifting the skirt up wayyyy too high, and that the dress is now inappropriate for a pregnant lady.

It's so weird how much my body has changed, but I don't realize it. The other night, I ran into the kitchen because I forgot to turn off the stove, and our doula was shocked at how fast I was moving for a person who is 8 months pregnant. 

Because of this, I feel like I need to document these last remaining weeks of the pregnancy. If I can't realize it now, I'm sure I won't remember it later.

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