22 weeks, 2 days

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

We're making room for baby!

I've been busy ebaying my old cameras in an attempt to make room for the baby. I don't think it'll free up that much more space, but having a baby is a good excuse to get rid of clutter.

In other news...

Today is the first day I felt the discomfort of a growing baby in my belly. After dinner, I just found it so challenging to sit comfortably. It was kind of my first, "uh oh" moment, realizing how I'm only half-way through this pregnancy, and how much more uncomfortable it will be getting.

This Thursday will be our last hypnobirthing class! I can't believe five weeks have already gone by! We've really enjoyed the experience so far, and because of this class, I'm feeling more confident about labor and birthing. I'm actually really excited for the day I go into labor and can't wait!

Through our hypnobirthing class, we met our doulas! They're actually the teachers of our class, and not only do they co-teach hypnobirthing, but they also co-doula for pregnant couples. They're both really nice and knowledgable about everything related to birthing in San Francisco, and we're so excited to be working with them! Having this extra support is just another reason why I'm super excited to give birth!

We are slowly building our collection of baby stuff! The laundry room that we just cleared out is now filling up with baby supplies, and best of all, they're all hand-me-downs! I can't wait to move into our new house so I can start setting up the nursery.

After I spoke my first words this morning, the baby started kicking really hard. I wonder if I woke him up, or if he was just excited to hear that I was awake. 

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